Niagara Falls…off the Bucket List

I’m still alive! I have not been kidnapped or murdered. Life intruded – holidays, sicknesses, the recurring procrastination…all that fun. Back to the trail!

GPS is a wonderful thing. Except when it isn’t. As I typed in my destination and the wheel of death kept spinning like my patience, I realized I had a bit of a problem. Other than the fact that my signal was weak, I also took Spanish in high school, not French. Thinking I’d probably just somehow knocked it off English, I checked my settings and to my confusion, it was still on English. Through all of this it finally clicks…they speak French in Canada. It’s taking me through Canada. I just. Helpful hint: always have two GPS apps available. For this reason. Clicked over to the other one…and voila! Back through the good ole US of A and no pesky border crossing. And no French. It did however lead me through the Adirondacks. Which are very pretty. But very sparse as far as food and gas stations. Three hours through that little route I finally hit a major highway, about ready to eat my arm. I eventually made it to Niagara, which is apparently another town that shuts down in the winter season. Eh, who knew? My lazy butt ordered Chinese for dinner and received this little token of inspiration:


Thanks, little vague fortune cookie, for nailing it.

Since I’d traveled about 9 hours the prior day, I slept in a bit before heading to the Falls. If days started about midday every day I could totally rock it. Where’s the fairness for night owls? Anyway. I got my exercise in walking from the hotel room to the Falls. You know, if you take the right direction you can cut off at least a mile and a half. However, that’s not what I did! Of course. I guess I didn’t realize how commercial the Falls were – I had researched it a bit before going and almost decided against it because of the commercialism. As you can see, I decided to just go and check it off the bucket list. I ended up also walking across to Canada, because the view is different and possibly a little better from their side. And how many times can you say, hey, I walked to Canada! Despite the rain that morning, it turned out to be a rather lovely day:

I was going to include a little bit more on this post, but my blog is apparently punishing me for my tardiness and isn’t wanting to cooperate. As such, I will stop here. I would promise to be better about posts, but we all know how that’s turned out. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And my intentions have been so so good.



Song of the Day: U2 “Beautiful Day”

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