A Bewitching Little Post

I felt like these particular stories deserved their own post separate from my last post mentioning Salem. Here we go:

I got into Salem around 3:00 so I had a limited amount of time to walk around before everything closed down for the evening. After I checked in at The Daniels House, I headed straight for the city center to get in what I wanted to see. As I was checking out the map and walking (anyone that knows me knows this is dangerous, but nothing was damaged), I was mentally going through the best course to follow with the time that I had. I headed towards the witch house, since it was the farthest away, and decided to work my way back. As I was walking, I noticed something on the map that caught my eye. It was entitled “Bewitched Statue” and it was just about in the middle of town; on my route to the witch house. My imaginative brain immediately went to “Oh man, this is gonna be so cool. I bet it’s a statue that has a curse!” Yeah, I definitely live in reality.

As I see the statue across the short cross street I accidentally make eye contact with a hawker right in front of me. Since I have “sucker” written across my forehead, of course I get stopped. Apparently, he was with the Nature Conservancy and was on and on about something about rhinos and water purification and I just don’t even know. I kept breaking eye contact and looking longingly at the way I wanted to be walking. I mean, he had some good points.

Him: “I see you have a Patagonia bag! You must be an outdoors-y person.”

My thought: “Oh buddy if you only knew. I just like the bag.” My words: “…”

Him: “But it’s only a dollar a day.”

Me: “But that’s $365 a year and I believe I mentioned I quit my job so I didn’t really budget for that.”

Him: “Well. Right. But, the earth is important to you though, right?”

My thought: “I didn’t budget for nature.” My words: “That was a really good spill. Keep it up. Not today for me though. I really am on a time constraint. Buh bye.”

He finally relents and lets me go. As I finally get across the small cross street to the statue I again realize how innately blonde I am. Remember the Bewitched show from the 60s? Yeah. It was that Bewitched and it was Elizabeth Montgomery. Other folks were getting pictures and I was just standing there in disgust. I didn’t even snap a picture. I just walked on towards the witch house. On the way back from the witch house though I start thinking…okay, this is probably going to be the only time I’m ever in Salem. Plus, that statue is so bad that they’re bound to tear it down sometime and I can tell people in my nursing home I actually saw this statue. So, as I walked back by I begrudgingly took a picture. And here it is:



Statue of Disappointment



Well, there it is. Bad, yes? Oh it gets better. Remember the ghost walk I went on with the guide with severe ADD? One of his side stories was about this statue. He hates this thing with a passion. As he explained it, the whole town is actually cursed, and a lot of it has to do with corruption of the powers-that-be (shocker!). The town originally was going to put up a statue in memoriam to the women who were killed during the witch hunts (the supposed witches). However, they received an offer from Hollywood gifting this statue (and possibly money too, but don’t quote me on that…I may have zoned out). He claimed it was even creepier at night and that despite rationality, its eyes glow. So what was left of our frozen group trooped up to the statue. Here it is at night:






He said most people don’t even look at it fully. They basically walk up to the back of it for whoever they’re with to snap a picture and walk off. He said that one lady and her kids were on the tour once and she had been coming to Salem every year at Halloween and had never really looked at the statue or heard the history behind it. She was apparently a practicing wiccan and came as tribute. Okay, I have to call foul. I mean, Google it. Salem really has nothing to do with witches, and you’re making it into a wiccan mecca? #fakefan

I never thought Elizabeth Montgomery would be terrifying. But there you go.

Sweet dreams!


Song of the Day: Lorde “Glory and Gore”






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